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"I realized that the more challenges I go through - more diverse my Art looks like. It is inevitable process of growth and self-awareness expressed with simple tools: brushes, canvas, paints tubes. From Simple to Complex, from Nothing to Something, from Something to Everything."


Yuliia Dzhurenko 朱朱 is a Ukrainian contemporary artist, who has exhibited her works in numerous events in Asia and Europe. Continuous learning and discovering depths of her soul are intrinsic elements in her artistic expression. Ironic and symbolic self - portraits reflect her  state of mind and attitudes towards outer world. Her vibrant figurative, semi-surrealistic and expressionistic artworks reveal a versatile talent and different perspectives of contemporary figurative art.


Yuliia started drawing when she was 3 years old, and refused to go study in art academy. She wanted to explore art talent by herself, even it could take years. Over 10 years she drew realistic portraits and some expressive oil portraits. Only in the beginning of 2020 she made decision to create own style through a self-portrait imaginable characters. 




2022 Art Exhibition / Yifeng Gallery - Shanghai, China


2021 - 2022  FTZ Art Festival / Shanghai Free Pilot Trade Zone - Shanghai, China


2021 CIIE  China International Import Expo 4th / Shanghai Exhibition Centre - ARTERA  - Shanghai, China


2021  West Bund Art Fair 2021 / West Bund Art Center - Jiaxi gallery  - Shanghai, China


2019 World of Colors / Kyiv House of an Artist - Kiev, Ukraine


2019 Modern Artists Gallery / House of Artists - Kyiv, Ukraine


2011 Portrait of Artist by Candice Breitz / PinchukArtCentre - Kyiv, Ukraine


2018 Art of Neurosurgery (Special Featured Artist) / The Peninsula on Bund - Shanghai, China

2017 Personal Art Exhibition / Globus Gallery - Kyiv, Ukraine



2022  East West Contemporary Online Auction 03.26-04.01,

lots 22,23, - Shanghai, China

Permanent exhibitions:


2021-2022 Fishes&Moon Jiaxi Art Center 嘉禧国际艺术中心  -

Shanghai China


2019-2022 Podpolny Art Studio - Imaginarium Collection -

Kyiv, Ukraine



Private sells:


China, Taiwan, Australia, UK



2024  Aesthetica Art Magazine, Feb-March 117th Issue, UK

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